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12 PAW PROGRAM - By Shane and Sia Barbi

  Stop Seal Slaughter
Anti-Horse Roundup

      10 BTTB POINTS    


 1.  Anti-Fur
 2.  Anti-Declaw/Debark
 3.  Anti-Animal Slaughter
 4.  Anti-Pet Mills/Shops
 5.  Anti-Speciesism
 6.  Anti-Zoo/Circus
 7.  Anti-Vivisection
 8.  Pro TNR 
 9.  Pro No Kill Nation
10. Pro Vegan

Don't Discriminate Non-Native Animals



  Admitting we were powerless over CATS; they can manage on their own.
  To CATS, we are a power that appears insane, at times.
  Made a decision to turn our will over to our CATS; the only way they will understand us.
  CATS constantly take an inventory of how we treat them.
  CATS expect us to admit where we went wrong.
  We are the CATS only character defect, that they will remove, if we don't treat them well.
  It is best to be a humble CAT owner and ignore their shortcomings.
  Make a list of how to make your CAT happy and healthy.
  Let your CAT do as they please unless it injures them or another animal.
  Continue to allow your CAT to order you around, though you may not want to admit this.
  Your CAT seeks his "prey" through meditation. Your CAT'S will is to have us help him carry his prey right to him.
  Make sure your CAT is spayed and neutered so they don't carry the message to make more kitties.


  Admit to DOG we were powerless if they were unmanageable.
  Came to believe that a Powerful Pack leader, greater than DOG, could restore them to sanity.
  Let your DOG surrender their total will to you as the Alpha leader, which as pack animals the only way he will understand us.
  Make a fearless inventory of what needs to be rehabilitated, as DOGS need structure and boundaries.
  Admit that ALL DOGS are naturally good, and therefore know we went wrong.
  We're entirely ready to remove our character defects of lack of training, lack of exercising, and lack of handling of DOG.
  Humbly but firmly, always ask DOG to remove his shortcomings, by consistently training.
  Make a list of all the harmful things you allowed DOG to do, and be ready to remove them to help his personality.
  Only make direct rewards, as treats, feeding or petting DOG, when DOG has removed his shortcomings, unless it would cause injury to his growth.
  Continue to take daily long walks, with training, to improve DOG'S inventory of shortcomings. When DOG is wrong, promptly correct him.
  Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with DOG, helping him understand through training, for his knowledge of us and the power for us to carry that out.
  Daily practice of exercise and discipline, for DOG to earn your affection is an automatic message to all breeds of DOGS alike.

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